never mind the day
it’s just an empty notebook
nothing of the sort

— 2 months ago

her body empty
energy distributed
to the universe

— 3 months ago

i locked rapunzel
in a two-story tower
now i can’t reach her

— 3 months ago with 1 note

not one banana
is to be seen in this here
tuna casserole

— 5 months ago with 1 note

some initiative
is hard to come by these days
happy birthday me

— 6 months ago

something strangling
now just confining spaces
darkness consumes me

— 9 months ago

"the wind is what’s bad"
i overheard on my way
to work this morning 

— 1 year ago

dreams invade my wak-
ing life like super eights flick-
ering in my eyes 

— 1 year ago with 1 note

i see a black owl
circling the moon above
now it watches me

— 1 year ago

my eyes feel heavy
surprised by this late hour
i should go to bed 

— 2 years ago

when did my life start
was it thinking or feeling
definitely not 

— 2 years ago

i’m not a racist
in fact i am the exact
opposite of one 

— 2 years ago